About Alan Model

I have had a love for photography from the time I was a young child taking black and white pictures with a simple box camera. Many years later I set up a darkroom for our young son who had taught me the basics he had learned in a summer camp. The next major step was to take my first photography course, an Intermediate Photography workshop with Marc Kaszmarek at the Parsons School of Design in New York City. He was very demanding in his criticism attempting to stretch us to express our own individual vision. He was concerned purely with aesthetics and personal expression. Technique was left for us to learn.

My greatest joy as a photographer is the act of discovery. The elements of anticipation, recognition and concentration are essential to me. I venture out with my camera exploring the environment with no preconceived notions as to what subjects will interest me. Most of my images celebrate unobserved commonplace experiences which in the fleeting moments that they were taken had special meanings to me. If there is any hesitation, the image is lost forever. Nothing is quite the same, even in the fraction of a second.

A comment made by Martine Franck, a distinguished documentary photographer, registers so well for me:
“What I like about photography is precisely the moment that cannot be anticipated, one must constantly be on the alert ready to acclaim the unexpected.”

Over the years, my photographs have been in many juried and solo exhibits in universities, libraries, arts centers and other public institutions in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts.

Alan Model