Benefits of Membership

Red Circle PhotoArts offers a unique and seldom-found comprehensive set of benefits that our member photographers can take advantage of.  While the Collective is similar to a traditional camera club, it has an expanded focus to include the following, which many advanced amateur and professional photographers cannot find elsewhere:


Photographers like to show and sell their work, but it is often difficult to obtain gallery representation.  The Collective is planning several annual exhibits that our members can participate in, which will be held in arts centers, galleries and other venues.

Meetings and Workshops:

We conduct regularly scheduled mid-week evening meetings with our members.  In addition, the Collective will sponsor workshops on various artistic and technical topics and processes that members will be able to “take away” to try for themselves.  We are also planning to sponsor speaker presentations.


Sharing ideas is a main focus for the Collective.  It is through sharing that we gain knowledge and experience to enhance our own work. Collaboration will take place during meetings on various subjects (eg. composition, digital post-processing, etc.) and on our website through blog posts and comments.  Field trips will provide photographers with interesting image-making opportunities.


Whether our members are enthusiasts, emerging, or professional photographers, it is often difficult to accomplish all of our objectives in the time we have available. Services such as the creation of eBooks and folios are being explored.

And much more:

Member input will drive the focus of Red Circle PhotoArts.  It is that input that will result in many of our “collective” benefits!


A key benefit of membership is the ability to have your work shown in exhibitions during the year. Upcoming exhibits will be posted here and in other sections of the website.
Presentations and Workshops
There’s always something to learn and benefit from others’ experiences. The Collective will host several activities here and in other sections of the website.