Member: Bob Plotkin


About Bob Plotkin

Cameras and sensors are just tools to capture light from the sun or strobes. I use my camera to find images – either naturally lit or in created environments – and try to make images that tell a story. While I enjoy all things photographic and am always experimenting with a range of techniques and styles – from landscapes to wildlife – I am always trying to push myself to find a new way to make an image or improve on a style or technique.

A focus for me is portraiture, and for this I work both in and out of the studio. I also look to capture performances by musicians, bodies at rest or in motion – or just people out on the street. All of these as well as my experimentations in other genres requires different approaches to image making, but for me, the commonality and challenge is universal with the goal to capture that “moment”.

For now, I don’t subscribe to the idea that one should be limited to a single photographic style as I believe techniques mastered from one area can be applied to others. For me, I enjoy exploring and working outside of one ‘niche’ style – so I am as excited to jump out to shoot a soaring Osprey, kids out playing sports or a sunset as much as I am to put together a fine art portrait in the studio.

Bob Plotkin