Member: Joe Carline


About Joe Carline

The first thing my wife-to-be, Maureen, and I bought together in the early 70’s was a camera – a used 35mm Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic. The Pentax has long since been retired, but for me photography has remained a passion and my primary creative outlet.

I am a camera “gear head” who loves to behold, and too often own, the next great camera and photographic technology. Perhaps this is because I was trained as an engineer before going on to law school. These amazing new imaging and computer editing tools have given me the freedom to unleash my creativity in ways I could not achieve before.

I’ve found most success in in travel photography and making images of landscapes and architectural subjects. However, during a recent one-year stay in Brooklyn I’ve discovered the color and drama of street photography. I also continue to experiment with other genres, including macro and portrait photography.

Joe Carline