About June Greenspan

I used to be a painter so I think in terms of paint on a canvas. I used to paint with colors in tubes, now I paint with light. As I travel, whether locally or abroad, I am intrigued with the coming and goings of life in the streets or the mood of people in a house of worship. The surroundings of everyday life. I take photos of everything in the scene even though it is always changing as people move and I move.

I capture the scene as best I can, though it is in pieces. That will include architecture, landscape as well as the characters. On the computer, my canvas, I recreate the scene. I take artistic license often, but I try to recreate the mood, the reason why the people are there and the light and color. Most of my work is seamlessly composited. In the end I hope I have told a story.

My work has been published and I have won the Fuji Masterpiece Award twice and the Kodak Gallery Award. I studied at Carnegie Mellon U. and Pratt Institute Graduate school. I had that old fashioned art school experience. It was invaluable.

June Greenspan