Digital Photography Workshop at the Schoolhouse Theater and Gallery

NOTE: This workshop took place on September 28, 2013 – but we will be having more of them on this and other topics!

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Speaker: Steve Dreyer

The Schoolhouse Theater & Gallery
3 Owens Road
Croton Falls, NY 10519

Date: Saturday, September 28, 2013
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

The fee for this workshop is $45, which will help to support the Schoolhouse Theater.
Attendance is limited to 20 so that questions can be addressed. There will also be a
drawing for give-aways.

Just about everyone takes digital photos, whether they use a digital SLR, point and shoot, or phone-based camera. As technology changes and more and more photos are taken, it’s becoming important to understand how to best import the photos onto a computer, categorize them so they are easy to find, and enhance them for viewing on the screen, internet, print and email.

Join Steve Dreyer for this two-hour demonstration on processing digital photographs using Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is an inexpensive, powerful and easy-to-use program that accomplishes all these tasks, and this workshop will show you how to use it to meet your needs. Several before and after images will be shown to explain the step-by-step process for improving your photographs.

Workshop topics, with live Lightroom demonstrations, include:

• Importing photos from the camera
• Categorizing, rating and making collections of favorites
• Editing favorites for presentation on the web, email, books and slideshows
• Advanced editing with special filters
• Settings for enhanced printing

About the Presenter:

Steve Dreyer is a photographer, workshop instructor, writer and founding partner of
Red Circle PhotoArts, a collective of photographers. He is also a Board Member of the Schoolhouse Theater and a contributing writer for Photo Technique magazine.