Member: Patrick J. Cicalo


About Patrick J. Cicalo

“More Take, Less Tech”… just one of the photography credos that I have learned to live by as I wander around gathering images of whatever presents itself to me. In the process I try not to encumber myself too much with all the hard and fast rules of what has been romantically called “the art of painting with light” because more often than not they only get in your way and hinder you from capturing what is right there in front of you if just take a moment to look. When all is said and done, it gets down to “Know your camera, master composition, make images.” Perhaps not as easy as it sounds since I know that I myself have yet to get it all right. But I suspect any form of art is a never-ending journey and an ongoing process that I freely admit has often relied heavily on divine intervention and sometimes outright dumb luck in my case.

Rudyard Kipling once said “Something is hidden, go find it,” but perhaps I can express it in simpler terms with something my mom always told me… “Go out and play!” So, with camera in hand that is what I attempt to do, knowing that it is not only the eyes but also your feet that help you to see.

By the way, Kipling also said “Payday came and with it a beer.” Clever guy that Kipling, don’t you think?

Patrick J. Cicalo