Member: Richard Getler


About Richard Getler

In photography, I love the element of chance … unstoppable time.  I spend hours with the shutter button pressed halfway down, waiting for luck and magic – when a moment of joy appears on a face, when a bird enters the frame and balances the scene with elegant symmetry.

I have studied and worked as both an architect and computer scientist.  These experiences serve me well in my digital photography which involves interplay of art and technology, vision and implementation.

None of my previous endeavors brought me such deep satisfaction as creative imaging.   I especially enjoy street and event photography… full of chance and surprise.  And I enthusiastically offer professional photographic services for weddings, performances, sports, portraits, and many kinds of events.

My photographs have appeared in the New York Times, Channel 12 News, the Hollywood Reporter, and other publications.  I have exhibited in solo shows, group shows, and juried contests, receiving many awards and prizes.

Richard Getler